What is Quiktract?

An app where users can:

  • Connect on service jobs with no service charges or middle-man fees.
  • Create and execute legally binding agreements in less than 60 seconds – on their own terms.
  • Easily manage and amend each agreement as scope or job descriptions change.
  • Communicate with other party in documented and tracked format that's as easy as sending a text message.
  • Pay or get paid using integrated ACH banking functionality.

Why did we create Quiktract?

We’ve all been in a personal services agreement either providing or buying services and in all likelihood, you’ve done both. And you probably experienced a problem at one time or another because:

  • Connecting with a service provider shouldn’t involve 25-40% market or service fees just for using an app. It should be simple and costeffective.
  • Individuals agreeing to terms for a personally provided service often don't get the details in writing.
  • Attorneys are expensive, inconvenient and overkill for most personal agreement needs.
  • The mere "ask" and process for executing even a simple contract often seems heavy-handed by the requesting party.
  • Documenting scope or change requests in the personal agreement space is a fragmented and poorly managed process.
  • Paying another person is disconnected from the "agreement" and involves cumbersome processes and antiquated payment methods.

Our app helps freelancers and their clients to be free. Connect and do business with like-minded people. Furthermore, our app can help eliminate or at least greatly reduce the risk of issues simply by capturing the agreement in writing (i.e. creating a contract) and then keeping that agreement accurate with any changes both parties agree on. We think being able to securely transact payment is an added bonus.

Finally, we created an attorney network should issues arise that simply cannot be resolved between the two parties.

Who can use it?

A Quiktract can be initiated by the service provider OR the buyer.

And there are a lot of providers and buyers:



Americans buying or providing personal services annually.



Freelancers working in the US economy.



Percentage of the "traditional" workspace contract employed.

Who are we?

Blake Stanton
Lee Midkiff
Russ Russell
EVP of Business Development
Nikhil Pathak
Technical Co-founder & EVP


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